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Bring It!

Let me see if I have this straight; there are Socialists, Communists, Anarchists, Cascadians, Radicals and activists. Each of these, dare I say, larger groups serves as a branch of the family tree supporting a plethora of smaller branches, twigs and splinter groups we know and love as the Left.

I present this analogy; every discussion of the specific nature of the new paradigm--every steering committee decision--all the long-term goal setting--all the noble visions of the future are like deciding if we envision Black Walnut ice cream or French Vanilla. Turns out someone should milk the cow.

Does anyone need a lesson on what it means to be condescending? Pretentious? Elitist? Have you ever felt that someone was talking down to you?

(Example) "If you don’t understand try using a dictionary!"

Less is more.

If the people rise up in any way and force the wealthiest folk and their corporations and their bought and paid for federal government to be held accountable for their actions--then we will all be in this together--all of us; the police, the social workers, the priests, the thespians, the sociopaths and the psychopaths, the kind and the mean.

We can be movers and shakers. We can hasten the changes our culture needs to make to assure that future generations do not live their lives as slaves. However, we, like Moses, are not destined to see the Promised Land. I have been hanging out with Leftists my entire life and I clearly count myself among their numbers, but our collected influence is less than marginal. What are we arguing about, really? Lofty and heart felt ideals, the power of the truth, abundant facts--yet here we are. Foil hat wearing conspiracy thinkers, wackos, nut jobs and bandanna wearing bomb-throwing crazies. Sounds like a party, will there be dancing?

How American is it to walk softly but carry a big stick? The left need not educate the people. We do not believe as the D’s & R’s that tolerance and acceptance equal approval and a mandate from the people. The system is wide spread and thus stretched thin. We as individuals can all agree--“Out with the old!” and then well,...come what may. Everyone is aware of the corruption, the greed, the nepotism, cronyism, blatant theft and bald faced lying that is and has been at the heart of the American Empire. (Whoever said, "crime doesn’t pay," was thinking small.)

They are who they are. We are who we are. No shame in our game. Bring it!

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