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"Not every problem someone has with his girlfriend is necessarily due to the capitalist mode of production." -- Herbert Marcuse

The ECoD is an anarcho-spiritual community. We are certainly anti-capitalist and we accept the label "Anarchist" in all its myriad varieties; thus some may argue that we follow an unhyphenated form of Anarchy which has been called "Anarchism Without Adjectives" or "Synthesis Anarchism." We are not going to waste our time here re-inventing the wheel. In the Anarchic world there is certainly no dearth of pamphlets, handbills, posters, articles, books, documents of all sorts--if there is one thing the Anarchists have always been very good at, it's slinging propaganda. Thus we present here a collection of short, classic articles, introductions, and definitions written by various Anarchists over the past few decades. Some are slightly dated while others focus more on the situations in Europe rather than here in the US, but they are all well worth reading.

Introductions to the Ideas of Anarchy and Anarchism

Donald Rooum: What is Anarchism? (1992)
Errico Malatesta: The Word "Anarchy" (1891)
Errico Malatesta: Anarchist Communism
Errico Malatesta: Anarchism and Property
Errico Malatesta: Anarchism, Authoritarian Socialism, and Communism
Peter Kropotkin: The Ideal of Anarchy (1910)
Bill Christopher, Jack Robinson, Philip Sansom, & Peter Turner: The Relevance of Anarchism (1970)
Colin Ward: Small Steps in the Direction of Anarchy (1973)
Alexander Berkman: Is Anarchy Possible? (1927)
Vernon Richards: Anarchism and Violence (1953)
George Nicholson: The Simplicity of Anarchism (1955)

Green Anarchy, Primitivism, Etc.

John Landau: Wildflowers: A Bouquet of Theses (1998)
Derrick Jensen & John Zerzan: You May Be an Anarchist — And Not Even Know It
Richard Heinberg: Green Anarchism and Oil Depletion (2004)
Evolution Richard Heinberg: Memories and Visions of Paradise (1995)
John Zerzan: The Left? No Thanks! (2008)
John Zerzan: No Way Out? (2003)
Derrick Jensen: Actions Speak Louder Than Words (1998)


Slogans from the French Uprising, 1968

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