The ECoD Eleven

We presuppose an unknowable and ineffable Divine, the absurd and unreachable creator and renewer of all reality.

We suggest a hierarchy of spiritual entities, created beings who have been revealed to humankind; we believe in all gods and spirits, but only in the relevance and power of a select few.

We suggest that a human consists of three components: the Physical (body), the Mental (consciousness), and the Spiritual (soul); these must be integrated, reified, and ritually purified to educe our best.

We suggest the individual empower their soul through the experience of life.

We suggest no heavens and no hells; spiritual strength leads to Eternal Life whereas spiritual lethargy leads to Spiritual Death.

Sin is that which impedes spiritual progress.

Our holy sacraments open the doors of perception, allowing the ritually-pure to traverse and experience the Spiritual Realms.

Codes of ethics are to be anathemas, our rectitude transcends admonition.

We profess proficiency in the magical arts to be essential for spiritual progress.

We endorse the four pillars: Freedom, Faith, Ecstasy, and Hope, and the three principles: revelation, inspiration, and common sense.

We confidently declare the ECoD to be the most relevant spiritual institution on the planet today.