The Abbey of Saint Thomas The Doubter
"A city built upon a high mountain (and) fortified cannot fall, nor can it be hidden."-- Gospel of Thomas

The Reverend Stu Holbrook is the abbot of the Abbey of Saint Thomas The Doubter. The Abbey's main purpose is to administer a variety of work and study groups and to oversee various forms of theological training. It also provides the context for the performance of the Trinity Mass and other rituals and services of a broad gnostic tradition.

Rev. Stu

Rev. Stu
Rev. Stu

Rev. Stu

Stu Holbrook turned 54 years old on Founders Day, July 11th, 2013; he does not look particularly good for his age. He talks loudly and often. He has been a teacher and a counselor; working mostly with troubled youth. He has also been a contract manager and a janitor. Currently Stu is Sitting Abbot in the Abbey of St.Thomas the Doubter and accepts pastoral duties therein. He states, "I accept the responsibility with full knowledge it comes with no authority. We are a Gnostic community--I stand among my peers. I will lead when leadership is called for; I will likely follow as I don’t like being left behind."

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