The Ecumenical Church of the Divine has always been a mouthful…to say. The content of our theology: simple, truthful, abhorrent, abominable, appalling, awful, disgusting, distasteful, dreadful, foul, fulsome, gross, hideous, horrendous, horrible, horrid, loathsome, nasty, nauseating, noisome, noxious, obnoxious, obscene, offensive, repellent (also repellant), repugnant, repulsive, revolting, scandalous, shocking, sickening, ugly and appealing to the right sort of people.

Truly, a church not based on love is not a church. Our clergy is generous with our time and with our knowledge, and we don’t assume we are smarter than you are, however, we know what we are about. We love you but we do not love your crap, issues, baggage, attachments to the Spectacle, or your B.S.(belief system).

I am going to make this brief, and this time I mean it. Paradox: we embrace the full spectrum of created spiritual entities made manifest to us. Chaotic deities such as Eris are given positions of eminence, yet we are getting things done. Chaos and discord negate neither creativity nor deed.

Thank-you everyone, communicating with the Divine is one thing, being understood by the people you talk with is entirely different. The content and essence of the ECoD has not changed--we are here now and at the cusp of a new reality for humankind--what has changed is our ability to deliver.

See you in church.*

*Really, here:

Rev. Stu
St. John’s Shindig 2014

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