Humor Me!

It is often said that quality humor, the best jokes, are rooted in reality. Comics comment on culture and current events. Such is the case with the FSM, the Flying Spaghetti Monster--his followers to be known as Pastafarians. Beseech upon him to touch you with his noodly appendage, but beware, he may indeed give you a starchy caress.

Creationists assert that Divine creation of reality in seven days is plausible and that evolution is only a theory, thus creationism deserves equal time in American classrooms. The blatant stand against science and indeed common sense created a monster. Many people provided pithy input to His essence, many derived Truths were thrown into the cauldron, so to say. Turns out reasonable people have an understanding of religion, spirit, and the Divine. Who 'da thunk? In a short time copious materials were created, enough upon which to base a religion. (Thank-you Bobby Henderson!)

FSM is really funny* stuff, the more that was thrown at it the more stuck, analogous to ingredients becoming a meal--kitchen magic.

Here it is, the pastoral moment--when so much is put into a joke why be surprised by the profundity of the punchline? I invite Ecodites to join me in the kitchen--to examine the spice racks. Dare to step up to the cauldron--to call upon the Ragu. The stove is hot.

Just one question, are you hungry, well are you?

*Funny as in ha ha funny, not so much that the chicken smells funny.

Rev. Stu
St. Bob's Day 2014

P.S. For ye of little faith or for the as yet unenlightened here is a link to the FSM home page.