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Your Prayers Will Be Answered

“Oh Lord please help see me through this rough patch; people are depending on me – I need this. I’ll be sunk.” You can picture someone on their knees wringing their hands, exposing their vulnerability to the unseen powers that be.

“The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want…” This is a familiar prayer, a Psalm of David, just one of many really good prayers. The difference isn’t in the well-turned phrase; it is the fundamental nature of the content.

It is the Divine touching humankind and humans reaching to the Divine, which is prayer. The Psalms praise the Lord for life and the goodness therein, not much pleading and begging. From our own perspectives of dealing with people, do we prefer someone positive and upbeat – someone that counts their blessings and is willing to contribute, or someone doubtful and unsure, someone that always wants something from us?

Within the ECoD we stand by our creed, "We believe in the Divine, we believe in humankind. We believe that at our best, we may approach the Divine and it is worth the effort to make it such, that the Divine Light may shine upon us and within us, today and all the days of our lives."

At Lovefest House the focus is on love, creativity and the joy of life. However, we are not naive, even there you will not hear us say, "It's all good." I will say my prayers are being answered and yours can be too.

Reverend Stu 6/5/12

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